Welcome to PRO+TECH!


We are dedicated to meet your needs as a supplier and designer of world class products for your health and wellness. We understand what it means to be in chronic pain when undergoing your every task like long hours at work sitting or standing. 

We are a proudly Canadian company that will serve anywhere in North and South America with quick shipping times and quick response times. 


We are unique as we are partnered with doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, and other medical specialists that warrant our designs for its functional benefits. You can be assured that none of our designs is based on pseudoscience. Our products are backed by real science, because your health matters all while maintaining a fashionable experience.

As a social enterprise for your benefit, our products are below market value of many of our competitors and provide more value as we have made it our priority to review the design of some of our products to meet health professional expectations.

Our team of customer service staff can be contacted anytime and they are dedicated to ensuring that every one of our customer's expectations are exceeded.



If you have any questions, please CONTACT US, and we will happily respond to you within 24 hours.